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For Doctors

GIKO Aligner was born in 2012 as GIKO ASO Aligner.

And now,  GIKO Aligner is manufactured and used in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Philippines.

Since 2009, GIKO group had manufactured aligners more than 350,000 cases.

GIKO group has enough knowledge regarding aligner orthodontics.


​Quick Start

Dentists can get the first aligner about 10 working days from the first taking impression.

GIKO Aligner doesn't let patients wait longer.

Patients can start the treatment immediately when they decide to try. 

(Depending on the country, there is a case that it takes longer than 10 days.)

Order Procedure


Possible Case

① Mild crowded case
② Rotation improvement
③ Cases that do not require tooth movement
④ Cases such as midline separation, interdental space
⑤ Maxillary prow (requires IPR)
⑥ Necessary items of lightening pressure (mild)
⑦ Non-extraction case
⑧ Simple corrective treatment centered on six anterior teeth

Impossible Case

① Tooth extraction case
② Big tooth axis improvement
③ Cases that require tooth movement
④ Improvement of skeletal inconsistencies
⑤ A growing case
(Some cases are possible depending on the case.
Please check by estimate)

​About " 1 Step " of GIKO Aligner








​Alignment Distance about 0.8mm

GIKO Aligner uses 3 trays as one step.

They have different thickness (Soft, Medium, Hard)

Patient wears soft / a week, medium / a week, and hard / 2 weeks.

​The soft tray can reduce the pain at early stage of each steps, and medium and hard tray can give enough pressure power for the alignment.

Less trouble, No-Starting Over​

The tray of GIKO Aligner is made according to most recent impressions.

All of trays can be fit with the recent teeth position.

Even if the actual movement of teeth will not be same as a plan, GIKO Aligner can continue to treat without any re-manufacturing.

Dentists can treat fixing with Inlay, crown, etc. on the way of the orthodontic  treatment.

Tooth extractions also will be covered.


Alignment Flow
Consulting Tools

GIKO Aligner provides several consulting tools.

GIKO can provide estimation sheets before placing an order of GIKO Aligner.

Doctor and patient can consider the price and the treatment term in advance. 

Package of 1 step

<Package of 1 step>

GIKO Aligner (Tray)  Soft, Medium, Hard

Manual (for Patient)

Accessary (Aligner remover, bite-training device)

Delivery Sheet (for Doctor)



The tray of GIKO Aligner covers tissue area wider than other aligners.

Please take an impression as seen in the above photo.


Extrusion and Intrusion

GIKO Aligner can adapt to extrusion cases with elastic rubber band.

Tooth can come out by the tension of rubber band.

A button will be attached onto tooth and the other button will be added onto aligner, and elastic rubber band is hooked between the 2 buttons.

In usual intrusion case, aligner can push tooth inside without buttons and rubber band.

Clinical Cases
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